Returning to the mountains of northern Vietnam to investigate the mysterious abduction of his teenaged friends, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a local human trafficking crisis, and sparks an incredible series of events...

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In 2010, I was teaching English in Sapa, in northern Vietnam.

I made friends amongst the local Hmong community, including two 14-year-old girls named May and Pang.

The next year, May and Pang were both kidnapped in separate incidents.

With the one-child policy leaving a shortage of women in China, kidnappings in the region are shockingly common.

Born into poverty along the Chinese border, with low levels of education, a strongly male-dominated culture and a violent custom of marriage by abduction, these Hmong girls are especially vulnerable.
I risked my life to search for May and Pang, filming my investigation to raise awareness of the local human trafficking crisis.

Against all odds, I succeeded in finding both girls in distant parts of China.

May and Pang were "lucky" - rather than being sold to brothels, they'd been forced into marriage with local men.

By the time I found them, May and Pang had both given birth in China, and each faced the heartbreaking dilemma between her child and her own freedom.
'Sisters For Sale' is a powerful, very personal story exploring the complex realities of human trafficking.

It's an inspiring true story of hope, courage and freedom, with the power to make a real difference against the global human trafficking crisis.

'Sisters For Sale' will be released as a feature documentary in 2018, followed by a book and a 10-part podcast by the BBC's Claire Harris.

My work would not have been possible without the Vietnamese-based NGOs Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and Alliance Anti-Trafic, whose work I'll be supporting through 'Sisters For Sale'.

"Thank you for your courage, your tenacity, and your willingness to do something beyond just talk about the tragedy that is human trafficking - I applaud you."
- Donnie Featherston

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