The Human, Earth Project fundraising campaign is now over and, although we didn’t reach the target, over three thousand dollars were raised, and I’m very thankful to all of you who contributed. Never having done anything like this before, I found it a fascinating process, and it was wonderful to see the way it brought people together.

What happens now? Some of you have written to ask if the project’s still going ahead, and the answer is, Absolutely! I’ll be working to put aside as much money as I can this summer and, together with the funds I’ve received over the past month, will have enough to begin the journey.

I’m still very interested in having the entire search filmed as a documentary, and the next step is finding a way to make that a reality. I’ve just modified The Human, Earth Project website to allow further contributions throughout the summer, and it’s now possible to order the same rewards as were available through the Indiegogo fundraising campaign: signed portrait prints, desktop wallpapers, and project membership.

I know it’s going to be a fascinating journey, and I’m sure that once it’s underway and people can see the results, support for the project will grow organically. My aim between now and September, however, is to get as many people involved as possible before the journey even begins. I’d love to hear what ideas you might have in this direction, and I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the fundraising process – what worked, what didn’t, and how I could have done things better.

It’s exciting to see what we’ve begun, and I can’t wait to see where it leads us from here!

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