After almost three months of late-night Skype conversations and messages sent back and forth across the globe discussing logistics, it’s wonderful to be able to announce that The Human, Earth Project is no longer a ‘me’, but an ‘us’.

My background is primarily in documentary film production and, from the very beginning of the project, I’ve been hoping to have the entire journey filmed to better share the sights and sounds of Asia with you all.

It would be amazing, I thought, to have a filmmaker to accompany me on my search – and now I have two. They’re both incredible photographers with experience travelling in Asia, in addition to being great people.

I met Marinho two years ago, while travelling through northern India, and he impressed me as both a person and a photographer.


For the past six years, Patrice has split his time between living in Paris and working in Southeast Asia as a travel photographer, documenting social and humanitarian issues. His photography won the WallFor 2011 reportage prize awarded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, has been featured in several magazines, and exhibited in Europe, Asia and Africa.

I first met Patrice through mutual friends in southern Thailand, and we shared a house there for several months in 2008-9. At the time, he and I were both trying to decide whether or not to invest in serious photographic equipment and turn professional. He did, and has worked as a travel photographer ever since, while I took another path, eventually stopping photography altogether.

It’s taken an incredible amount of time and energy to get The Human, Earth Project to this point, and it’s brilliant to see it all starting to pay off. I’d like to thank you all for your support, it’s been amazing.

I have a lot more exciting news I’m hoping to announce later next week and, for those of you who have elected to receive signed prints of my photographs, they’ve all been printed. They’re due to be delivered here on Tuesday evening, and I’ll be signing and sending them out around the world as soon as I can!

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