I’m going to send you a message exactly seven days from now.  

It’s going tell you about the search for my friend M, who was kidnapped two and a half years ago, and hasn’t been seen since. I’ll also talk about the feature-length documentary we’re filming about M’s disappearance, to raise awareness of the monstrous issue that is human trafficking, and of the girls that continue to disappear here in Vietnam. 

In fact, I’ll be talking about these things a lot over the coming month. Some of you will get tired of hearing me talk about human trafficking, and won’t want to hear any more. Perhaps I’ll lose friends – but if we can help bring home even one of these girls, it will be worth it. 

Some of you understand how important this is, and how much it means to me. Some of you will help by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, or by sharing it with others who care. 

Hundreds of you have helped already, in countless ways, and I thank you. It’s your hard work and contributions that have brought The Human, Earth Project so very far in just a few short months. 

Seven days from now, I’ll send you a short video to tell you more about our search for M. Today, I have another video to share with you. 

Three weeks ago, The Human, Earth Project hosted a human trafficking information evening at Documentary Arts Asia in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mickey Choothesa (founder and CEO of the Children’s Organisation of Southeast Asia), Erin Kamler (scholar and ‘Land of Smiles’ playwright) and myself presented a series of speeches and films to a wonderfully receptive audience. 

It’s the first of several such events we hope to host in various locations around Southeast Asia. For those of you who missed it, here’s a little taste of what transpired that evening. 

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