This is the moment we’ve been working towards for months. 

Today is the day we’ll find out if our crowdfunding campaign has been worth all the sweat and blood, if the world even wants to know about the plague of human trafficking, if anyone wants to see a film exposing one of the most hideous crimes of our age. 

Or perhaps it’s all too hard? Perhaps you’re already content with the world you live in? 

We’ll find out soon enough. 

I want to bring you here with me, and show you the places I have seen. I want to sit you down with the heroes, the victims and those most in danger, to let you hear their stories for yourself. To let you see their eyes.

To show you why we can’t afford the sale of human beings any longer. 

I can do all that. I can show you incredible things – but are you willing to see? 

Which button will you click next? 

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