I’ve been speaking a lot recently about our crowdfunding campaign; I’ve been very quiet about our investigations here in Vietnam, and the production of our documentary. 

Though I can’t give you too many details at this stage, both are going very well. Marinho and I have conducted some amazing interviews with people in communities strongly affected by human trafficking, and with professionals working to stem the tide. 

We’ve borne witness to the racism, male dominance and cultural peculiarities that facilitate the trade in humans here, and have shot a lot of stunning footage from the cities to the mountains. 

And today, we had some exciting and long-awaited news from China… 

Seventy-two men and women around the world have now contributed to our fundraising campaign, to help finance our film and raise awareness of human trafficking. Dozens of bloggers have rallied to our cause. Thousands have watched our videos. Hundreds of you have shared our story with the world, and the world is beginning to listen. 

It’s really been something beautiful to see The Human, Earth Project grow from the smallest of seeds, to reach out and touch lives around the world. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t always been fun, but it’s been worth it. 

Every Share, every Tweet, every dollar brings us that much further, helps us drag human trafficking out of the shadows and into the light. Please, do what you can to help us make a difference. 

We’ve come too far to stop now. 

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