Last Friday was my birthday. 

I spent the day speaking with my abducted friend M’s parents, and at the village funeral of a young local man. 

Friday was also, in a sense, our birthday. It marked exactly one year since this thing between us – The Human, Earth Project – was born. 

I’d already spent a lot of time in planning, but it was on my birthday last year that I dedicated myself full-time to the Project. Within three weeks, I’d announced my intentions to the world via the website, and from that moment the Project has grown quickly. 

Within three months, I’d made my first television appearance. Within six months, I’d been invited to present a TED talk in the United States. I gave a 14-minute presentation on the ideas behind ‘The Human, Earth Project’, and received a wonderful response from the capacity crowd. 

Sadly, the TED video was lost in limbo, and no one else has been able to see that presentation – until now. Whether you’re new to The Human, Earth Project or have been following us from the beginning, this presentation tells another side of the story. 

We’re now in the final days of our crowdfunding campaign – if you have a few dollars to share, they will go a long way in helping us raise awareness of human trafficking!

Thank you. 

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