I’d like to share some news about M. 

Two months ago, M called home from China for the first time since she was abducted. 

Within days, Marinho and I arrived in Vietnam to gather all the information we could. We obtained her Chinese number and passed it to people who, with the assistance of the authorities, rescue girls from China and return them to their families in Vietnam. 

For the first time in two and a half years, there was real hope of bringing M home. 

Unfortunately, her number was also passed to others, including a well-intentioned family friend in China. With no experience and little understanding of the danger to M, it seems he attempted to stage his own rescue. 

Needless to say, he did not succeed, and it is no longer possible to contact M at that number. We can only speculate that M’s “husband” was alerted by her phone usage, and will now be monitoring her more closely than ever. 

It’s not the news I was hoping to give you. 

The silver lining is knowing M is alive, and was sold as a bride – which is far better than the alternative. She wants to come home. 

I’ve just agreed to a second (and final) extension of our Indiegogo campaign, to raise funds for our investigations and the production of our feature-length documentary. Thanks to an amazing group of people from around the world, we’re now two-thirds of the way to our $12,000 target. 

If you haven’t yet contributed and want to help us tell M’s story, please do so here

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