Marinho and I have just returned to Vietnam for a final month of filming before we cross to China. Yesterday we conducted a great interview with one of the leading figures in the anti-trafficking movement in Indochina, and have more key interviews scheduled for the coming week. 

I was hoping to prepare a short film for you with some of the footage we’ve shot over the past three months, but simply haven’t had a chance. For the first time, however, I have had a chance to look over some of that footage, and am extremely pleased with the results. 

We’re now counting down the final ten weeks of production, after which Marinho will leave Asia, and I will remain to begin editing the film. 

This week Marinho has spoken with some galleries who are interested in hosting exhibitions from The Human, Earth Project – my own portraits in the context of Marinho’s landscapes, with stories and films from our experiences here in Asia. 

We hope these will be the first in a series of such exhibitions around the world. If you know of a gallery in your area that might be interested in showing our work, please let us know!

We’re now in the final days of the fundraising campaign for Sisters For Sale, our feature-length documentary on the girls stolen and sold as wives and prostitutes. If you’d like to help us raise awareness of human trafficking, time is running out!

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