In the past sixty days, more than 200 friends and strangers from 23 countries have launched us all the way to our $12,000 fundraising target! 

My gratitude goes out around the globe to each and every one of you (in order of appearance!): 

Carola Irvine, Daan and Trix Irvine, Rieneke Groteboer, Bettina Stübner, Mary Bard, Ben Guilding, Luca Borney, Ellen Bard, Luc Morin, Eva Akyol, Ben Shearon, Marlen Boller, Davide Mattiello, Mick Rheault, Michael Schüpbach, Judy Sutherland, Lisa Soremekun, Eric Paul West, Bronwyn Sharman, Geoff Reese, Don Kiely, Hugh Compton, Carole Bennett, Angela Kim, Marisa Sivell, Rolf Hajek, Belinda Bauer, C I Lewis, Ben Lackey, Géraldine Georges, Niall Doherty, Clayton Cornell, Bryan Clarke, Julie Kelley, Sovat Chheang, Claire Bannerman, Josh Mott, Paul Quarter, Alison Anselot, Sela Jiménez, Lucas Thacker, Paul Amechi, Mike and Anne Howard, Mitchell Roth, Kevin Peng, Miłosz Dunikowski, Katie Randall, Tracey Smith, Duy Nguyen, Carrie Lynn Marshall, Jonathan Finch, Joanne King, Daniel Cromidas, Manuel Gaißer, Corbett Barr, Erin McNeaney, Amaëlle Muhlmann, Ellie Price, Trung Ta, Beata Kis, Marco Agner, Timothy Collins, David Willy, Cody McKibben, Glenn Bawden, Fiona Whitton, Daniel Mireault, Sharlene Sobrepeña, Kate Wilson, Thaïs Vidal, C.A. Gardner, Jolyn Hersch, My Tam Le, Michael Willis, Angelina Sereno, Dustin Main, Sarah Buttery, Katie Livingstone, Mark Urban, Tu Nguyen, Jean-Christophe Yacono, Jonathan Wilkinson, Stephane Gelinotte, Stephanie Whited, Charles De Vos, Tanguy De Reymaeker, Victor Pirmez, Ben Rousseaux, Curtis Williams, David Zandman, David Oleary, Francois Zaviska, Gustaf Byström, Jinjur Van Vogelpoel, Verity Correll, Rino Esposito, Robyn Monteleone, Mateusz Dworzanczyk, Jose Vasquez, Marc Gryseels, Debbie Bender, Russell Savige, Michael Kantor, Daniel Heitmann, Liam McDonnell, Julie Steinbach, Amara Fonseca, Carla Pirotta, Heidi White, Emily Magnotta, Adrian Cullen, Rachel Miller, Ly-Jia Goldstein, Emilie Porry, Myste Laquinta, Rosalie Pawlik, Lucas Baethke, Joseph Kennedy, Dann Furia, Jennifer Tufts, Eva Huse, Gina Spatafora, Rebecca Paterson, Kimberly Lowe, Lisa-Marie Jordan, Jessica Miller, Gretchen Beerline, David Palmer, Anna Chrystie, Sarah Masters, Robert Romano, Alison Smith, Alessandra Carlino, Laurisia Milici, Teresa Franklyn, Marta Farina, Mari Ibsen, Adriaan Gussekloo, Annie Lee, Liza and Joni Koch, Francoise Chevalier, Vance Akins, Brian Mogren, Emily Hsieh, Cheree Bradshaw and Andrew Sheldon, Peta Kernan, Laila Atallah, Nou Chee Her, Jess Bolton, Khou Xiong, Ella Ireland, Ash Aylsworth, Jeremy Cooper, Susanne Walter, Audrey Ketchum, Leila Azul, Walter Gaißer, Sarah Jacobs, Maider Birett, Fada and Ken Jones, Jude and Ted Cooper, Ella Hindmarsh, Michelle Imison, Keith Randall, Nick Randall and Sue Randall… 

As for those of you who have chosen to remain anonymous – you know who you are! 

We’re working on getting your chosen rewards out to you as soon as we can – including, of course, the completed documentary!

Hats off to all the wonderful people who worked behind the scenes to make this campaign possible: 

Claire Bannerman, John Bardos, Lola Boatwright, Lydian Brunsting, Natalie Davis, Bri Edwards, Adam Gardnir, Thomas Gobeaux, Simone Gribble, André Gussekloo, Stacey Herbert, Michelle Imison, Carola Irvine, Leif Jansson, Barry O’Kane, Dustin Main, Layne Mostyn, Natalie Patch, Matt Patterson, Marinho, Katie Randall, Johanna Read, Joanne Toms, Pal Ujvarosi, Thaïs Vidal and Jesse Zagorsky… 

These names have all been added to the thank-you list (or credits) on The Human, Earth Project website – if I’ve missed anyone, please let me know! 

Our campaign was featured on dozens of blogs around the world, including: 

Andy Gray’s A Congruent Life
Vicky and Dave’s A Couple Travelers
Alyona Travels
Lydian Brunsting and Pal Ujvarosi’s Art Weekenders
Tal Gur’s Below Zero To Hero
Niall Doherty’s Disrupting The Rabblement
Rob and Lina Eroh’s Erohisms
Travis’ Extra Pack Of Peanuts
Dwight Turner’s In Search Of Sanuk
John and Andrea’s Inspiring Travellers
John Bardos’ Jet Set Citizen
Angela and Ryan’s Jets Like Taxis
Nguyên Thái’s JJourneys
Karl Steinmeyer’s Kickstart Your Journey
Maria Laborde’s Latin Abroad
Matt Bailey’s Live Limitless
Carrie Kellenberger’s My Several Worlds
Marysia Maciocha’s My Travel Affairs
Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney’s Never Ending Voyage
David Hehenberger’s Niche Dash
Meggie Kay’s Nomadic Meg
Cristian Sorega’s One Day, One Picture
Dave and Deb’s The Planet D
Nora Dunn’s The Professional Hobo
Michael Bodekaer’s Project Getaway
Lydian Brunsting’s Shoutography
Srinivas Rao’s Skool Of Life
Cody McKibben’s Thrilling Heroics
Angela Sereno’s Through My Lens
Tokyo Cheapo
Johanna Read’s TravelEater
Dave Dean’s What’s Dave Doing?
Where Is Jenny?
Ellen Bard’s Wherever The Wind Takes Me
Sofie’s Wonderful Wanderings

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Thank you! 

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