Day: 270

Distance covered: 36,421 km (22,631 miles)

Subjects found: 75

We’ve had some wonderful news today. 

I mentioned last week that two of M’s traffickers – a Chinese Hmong couple – were still involved in her life. Claiming to have spent a year in their home before being sold to her “husband”, and having seen innumerable Hmong girls pass through their hands, M believes them to be major figures in the cross-border trade.

This morning, M learned that one has just been arrested and another is on the run.

Marinho and I are running, too. Our success in meeting M has left us five days behind schedule and every minute now is precious, with nine people left to find in China and a further visa extension impossible. 

After travelling 2,194 kilometres by train and bus in the past 48 hours, Marinho and I have now found ourselves stranded in a small mountain town, ten hours from our destination, with no bus tickets available tomorrow and no time to wait. 

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