At the very beginning of our journey together – almost ten months and over 40,000 kilometres ago – Marinho and I each tried to guess how many of the 100 portrait subjects we’d find. 

I said 90; Marinho said 80. He joked that we’d never reach 90, because he’d simply stop searching at 80. 

Well, we found Marinho’s 80, and now he’s going to stop searching, just as he said. 

Having long since surpassed the six-month journey he originally agreed to, and having come to the end of our search, Marinho will be taking a well-deserved rest before heading home to Europe. 

I wish Marinho the best of luck wherever life takes him next.  

I had also been anticipating a little rest and relaxation. On the very first day that Marinho and I arrived at the beach, however, I received news that’s sent me straight back to work. 

After another 33 hours on a train, I’ve just arrived in Delhi to arrange a Chinese visa and a flight back across the Himalaya. 

I won’t be able to talk about the next phase of The Human, Earth Project until it’s behind me. For now, I can say only that the journey isn’t finished yet, and the best – or worst – is yet to come. If all goes according to plan, Marinho won’t be the only one heading home. 

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