My return to China has been delayed, and I’ve spent the past ten days in stasis in northern India. Most of that time has been spent with a nasty bout of stomach illness – the notorious Delhi belly – though I’m gradually recovering and catching up on a few things. 

Those of you who were expecting postcards from Marinho and I should have all received them by now. 

Photographic prints from our crowdfunding campaign have already been sent out across North and South America, and those to Australia and Europe will be sent out shortly. I apologise for the delay.

I’ve received no replies from H.T.C. and P.P. in the United States – if you’d still like to receive your prints, please contact me with your selections. There were also several funders from the 2013 crowdfunding campaign who have never claimed their selected rewards – if that’s you, please get in touch! 

If anyone else feels they’ve missed out on rewards, for any reason – your name on the website, desktop wallpapers, postcards, personalised photos, portrait prints, or anything else – please let me know

Though The Human, Earth Project is currently on hold, hold on – the adventure is far from over, and there are big things ahead!

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