Thanks to all of you who showed your support in January, I’m excited to announce that The Human, Earth Project is now one of 5 worldwide finalists for the 2015 best topical weblog award! 

The Human, Earth Project blog records the life-changing experiences of my struggles to find and rescue two friends who were abducted from their homes in Vietnam and sold as brides in China, and is truly unlike any other. 

A win will be an incredible way to raise the profile of all our work here in Asia, and show the world that ordinary people like you and I can achieve real victories against human trafficking. I’m now asking ten more seconds of your time to cast a final vote – it’s extremely quick and easy!

Click the link, check the circle next to The Human, Earth Project, submit at the bottom of the page, and confirm by email. That’s it.

Here’s the link

Thank you!

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