What was planned as a short break from The Human, Earth Project has been a busy time for me here in Australia. 

At one point I caught myself working on three computers synchronously, juggling eight terrabytes of external hard drives to get everything in order for the long edit ahead. 

Two friends – one Canadian, one Spanish – have been working with me to fine-tune the Sisters For Sale documentary script. 

Of the 17 interviewees in the film, 16 speak English as a second language, or not at all. The seemingly straightforward task of adding subtitles to their interview footage became an unexpected three-day saga. 

There has been media attention, including a two-page story in the Newcastle Herald this week. 

And, of course, I’ve been catching up with family and friends, many of whom have been following the Project from afar. 

The most touching of these encounters was with the parents of Mike Taylor, a friend who was involved in the Project from the very beginning and was lost tragically last year in Canada. 

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia, and the first that Mike’s mother will spend without her only son. 

My thoughts turn also to M and P, and the heartwrenching decisions they’ve faced as mothers over the past twelve months. 

I’ll be spending the day with my own mother. I want to take this opportunity to thank her for all the love and support she’s given me, particularly through the challenges of the past two years. 

Thanks, Mum. 

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