Laura Poitras does not make beautiful documentaries. 

She doesn’t use slick titles, clever little animations or gorgeous music. Poitras doesn’t appeal to your heart: she goes straight for the brain. 

She won’t win you over with a convincing narration or stacks of statistics, either – she’ll let her subjects speak for themselves. 

In 2013, Laura Poitras witnessed a great moment in modern history. 

Her skills and courage as an award-winning documentary-maker earned her the best seat in the house, and her camera was rolling. 

Edward Snowden, one of the true heroic figures of our generation, risked everything to expose the US government’s illegal and invasive global surveillance programs. 

He chose Poitras to share his story with the world, and the result is the Academy Award-winning Citizenfour

This is a story that affects you, and your place in the world, whether you watch it or not. 

(Can’t see the preview? Click here.)

Sisters For Sale is my own feature documentary on the difficult and dangerous search for my kidnapped friends, to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis. 

For the past 3.5 years, I’ve dedicated my time, personal savings and skills as an award-making film-maker to this work, taking nothing in return. 

I’ve risked my life to bring this story to the world, but I can’t do it alone. 

You can help make Sisters For Sale a reality here

(Can’t see the trailer? Click here).

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