Something incredible just happened. 

Since my friends were kidnapped from their homes in Vietnam, I’ve given everything to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis. 

For years, I’ve struggled to get this work the attention and funding it needs. 

Sometimes it felt as though I was beating my head against a wall. It seemed like I was wasting my time, telling a story nobody wanted to hear, and I came very close to giving up. 

It’s absolutely overwhelming now to see such a massive outpouring of support from the Imgur community. 

We just passed 600… 700… 800… 900 contributors to raise $12,125 in the past 30 hours. 

That’s more money than we raised in the entire 60 days of our last fundraising campaign, 2.5 years ago.  

And the contributions are still coming in. 

We chewed through 13.5 terrabytes of bandwidth to share our message with the world. 

One of Imgur’s founding family, Sarah Schaaf, even came out to support the cause. 

969 of you have now given a total of $32,599, and I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you. You’ve been amazing. 

I want to give a special shout-out to Simone and to Myste Laquinta, without whom this would have been impossible. 

These funds are vital to finishing our feature documentary, ‘Sisters For Sale’. 

They will also be used to launch a human trafficking prevention program to protect vulnerable young women in high-risk villages of northern Vietnam. 

But this is about more than just the money.

We’ve now proved that we have the power to touch people’s hearts and make a real difference in raising awareness of human trafficking. 

If you haven’t yet realised why this work is so important for all of us, take a moment to find out, and join our 968 supporters who have now taken a stand against the sale of women. 

Right now, you can make a real difference against human trafficking, get a special sneak peek at ‘Sisters For Sale’ for only $1, and win the experience of a lifetime in a breathtakingly beautiful corner of Vietnam. 

See what all the fuss is about here, and make a difference here

Watch the ‘Sisters For Sale’ trailer in English, Spanish, French and German

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