We’re hard at work getting ready for the global launch of our feature documentary, ‘Sisters for Sale’, and today we have some more details to share with you.

The global launch will take place on Thursday 16th May.

Those of you who have contributed $25 or more to support our work over the past years will be given a special sneak peek from Thursday 2nd May.

Everyone else will be able to pre-order the film from Thursday 2nd May.

The film is recorded primarily in English (with some Hmong, French and Chinese). Subtitles will be available in seven languages: English, French, German, Hmong, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

A fully-subtitled English version will also be available for the hard of hearing, or for those who speak English as a second language. The Chinese translation will not be made available at this time.

Katie Carriero has been doing an amazing job juggling long lists of names, email addresses and language preferences.

If you’re eligible to receive access the film on Thursday 2nd May, you should have received an email from us in the past week, enabling you to select your preferred language.

(Didn’t get the email? Please check your spam folder for an email from thehumanearthproject@gmail.com entitled “Sisters for Sale launch”, and mark it not as spam!)

If you’re eligible for early access and still can’t find that email, please get in touch. We’ll need to receive your language preference by Thursday 2nd May.

If we’re unable to email you, we won’t be able to share the documentary with you.

Please note that the film will be available for personal home viewing, rather than larger screenings. If you’re interested in arranging a larger screening of the film, please contact Katie at thehumanearthproject@gmail.com.

We’ll be sharing further details of the launch over the coming weeks. You can follow along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but the best way to keep up with our news is right here on the blog – sign up below!

I want to give a huge shout-out to Curtis Fritsch IV, Yuxin Boon and Juan-Lucas Rafael Flying Eagle Benavidez at Alphadogs Inc. for all the hard work they’ve put into recent tweaks to the sound design and mix for the documentary – thank you!

Stay tuned,

– Ben

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