Our 2019 fundraising campaign ended last week.

While not as successful as our phenomenal 2016 campaign, we surpassed the amount raised in our 2014 campaign, when we had dozens of bloggers working to promote our cause.

We now have enough funding to continue our work raising awareness of the global human trafficking crisis.

I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped support our campaign, and especially to our major contributors Heather Chrystie, Jude & Ted Cooper, Jocelyn Kotary, Susan Randall, Raymond Wong, Malina Workman, and our major anonymous contributor.

Richard Joynes was the hero of the day, and deserves a very special mention for his incredible support.

One contribution I found particularly touching was made in the name of my grandmother, Ella Hindmarsh. Ella was an enthusiastic early supporter of the project before she passed away during my 2014 investigation to find May and Pang.

I want to thank our team, and particularly Katie Carriero, without whose hard work and dedication this campaign would not have happened.

Most of the rewards were sent out digitally during the campaign, and the physical rewards (the posters, and the rescue map) will be sent out very soon.

Over the coming months I’ll be working to finish writing the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book, then we’ll resume work on an all-new incarnation of our podcast.

We didn’t receive enough funding to tour the ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary as hoped, and those plans have been shelved indefinitely. However, several our of supporters have been organising independent screenings to share the film with their own communities.

There are two more screenings coming up later this month – if you’re in the area, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to watch and discuss the film!

The first screening will be in my hometown of Newcastle, Australia. It will be hosted by Dianne Imison at the Hope Seedling in Lambton at 6pm Friday 26th July.

Please contact Dianne for more information at 0421 154 013. 

The second screening will be in Saskatoon, Canada. It will be hosted by Dustin Main, who has been a longtime supporter of the project and worked as a story consultant on the film.

It will be held at Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio at 7:30pm Monday 29th July – you can reserve your space here, or contact Dustin for more details!

If you’re interested to host a screening of ‘Sisters for Sale’, get in touch for more details! 

Thank you,

– Ben

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