With my attention now focused on expanding ‘Sisters for Sale’ as a book, we’re not currently hosting any of our own screenings of the ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary.

We are, however, allowing supporters to host screenings amongst their own communities, and several people have started taking advantage of that opportunity.

These independent screenings help them share this incredible story with their own communities, help raise awareness of human trafficking, and help us raise funds to continue our work.

Newcastle screening

On Friday 26th July, my aunt Dianne Imison organised a ‘Sisters for Sale’ screening in my hometown of Newcastle, Australia.

The event, hosted at the Hope Seedling church, was a great success, with an extremely receptive audience (“blown out of their minds!!”, as my mother put it).

The Hope Seedling community, led by Lil, generously provided a dinner for all attendees, and made a much-appreciated contribution towards our work (THANK YOU!).

My mother, Susan Randall, displayed a Black Hmong costume worn by my friend Pang in the film.

Spurred on by the success, organisers and attendees are now planning further screenings in the Newcastle region – details to come!

Saskatoon screening

On Monday 29th July, Dustin Main – a longtime supporter of our work, and a story consultant on the film – also hosted a screening in his hometown of Saskatoon, Canada.

In Dustin’s words: “Film was really well-received, screened in a lovely space for about 50 people. One person baked cookies, another brought wine and cheese. Was a big success.”

Dustin is now hoping to host another, larger screening in Saskatoon in the coming months, and we have several other screenings yet to be announced.

We’ll be sharing the details of all future screenings right here on the blog – subscribe here to be sure not to miss out on events near you!

Saskatoon screening

If you’re interested to host your own screening, please get in touch at thehumanearthproject@gmail.com


– Ben

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