There are plenty of exciting things happening right now with ‘Sisters for Sale’. It’s too soon to announce the news I’m most excited about, but there’s still plenty to share with you today!

Reaching out

Though I can’t legally disclose any details yet, I’ve recently agreed to an arrangement with a major international distributor which will soon be creating several new translations of ‘Sisters for Sale’, and bringing the film to far greater audiences than any we’ve yet reached!

More details coming soon… 

We’ve also begun investigating how best ‘Sisters for Sale’ can make a difference in China, which is such an important part of the story we’re telling. I’ve realised what a hunger there is for this story in China, and what a vital role it could play there.

This is ongoing work which has been far more complicated than expected – because of the language barrier, government censorship, and sensitivity around the fact that May remains in China.

This work was first begun by the Yuqing Zhang and her team of translators, has been revived by Ashleigh Lim and her team at Engage (who will be hosting the first Chinese-language screening this month in Malaysia – details below!), and is now being pushed further by Pu Ling Lai, with her local knowledge and passion for women’s empowerment.

I’d also like to thank Su Lee Dilber and Noh Hyun Kyung, whose hard work has been responsible for bringing ‘Sisters for Sale’ to Korea. Korean is our tenth language – an incredible accomplishment for such a small independent production – and there are more to come!

Giving back

One of my goals with ‘Sisters for Sale’ has been to go beyond awareness work and make a real difference on the front lines against human trafficking.

We’ve now run a series of independent screenings around the world, hosted by Katie Carriero, Carin Holroyd, Dianne Imison, Dustin Main (twice!), and myself.

The donations raised at these events, and via our website, have now been shared between Alliance Anti-Trafic, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, and our own ongoing work with The Human, Earth Project.

I hope we’ll be able to provide much more support to these organisations over the coming years. I want to thank all of you whose contributions have made this possible, with a special mention to Lil at Hope Seedling!

Indonesian screenings

For the past three months, I’ve been based in Bali, Indonesia, while I work on the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book (more news about that coming soon!).

Last week, in collaboration with Nomads Giving Back, I decided to host a last-minute screening at the Outpost in Canggu. It was a more intimate event with a wonderful audience, and I’d like to thank Tarek Kholoussy and Olivia Purba for making it possible!

Next week, at 1pm on Sunday 10th November, Dea Sihotang and her team will be hosting a larger screening at Paradiso. I’ll be there to answer questions and join the discussion after the film.

Entry is free with any purchase from the menu (to support the venue). If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there!

Malaysian screenings

After picking up another award at FreedomFilmFest in September, ‘Sisters for Sale’ is now touring FFF’s regional festivals.

If you’re in Malaysia and want to check it out, ‘Sisters for Sale’ will be screening in Kuching (3rd Nov), Georgetown (9th Nov), Muar (16th Nov), and Kota Kinabalu (23rd Nov).

The documentary will screen with Malaysian subtitles in all locations, as well as Chinese subtitles in Muar (our first Chinese screening!).

See FreedomFilmFest’s website for details.

Stay tuned – there’s big news coming soon!

– Ben

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