This will be our last update for 2019, and I’ve saved the best for last…

I have some really exciting news to share with you today, including the launch of the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book, a major distribution deal for the documentary, and our forthcoming podcast!

I’ll also be announcing a screening this week in Thailand, and reflecting on a powerful experience I had last month. Read on…

Discovery Asia will be broadcasting our documentary these holidays!

I’m thrilled to announce that Discovery Asia has now acquired the rights to broadcast our feature documentary, ‘Sisters for Sale’, across many parts of Asia.

The documentary will play as a two-part special, with the first part to premiere on 25th December and the second part on 1st January. This will bring ‘Sisters for Sale’ to a far wider audience – in more languages – than any we’ve reached so far.

You’ll be able to see ‘Sisters for Sale’ on Discovery Asia in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The first ‘Sisters for Sale’ book launches today!

There’s so much more to the ‘Sisters for Sale’ story than we could possibly fit into the documentary.

Since early 2018 (when I was approached by one of the world’s five biggest publishers!) I’ve been writing ‘Sisters for Sale’ as a book, to tell the full story for the first time.

As I began writing it, I realised that the story was even more complex and fascinating than I’d remembered. The early feedback I received was phenomenal – but I was told the story was just too long to publish, and would have to be cut down dramatically.

It was my childhood dream to become an author with a major publishing house – and when I finally had that opportunity, I chose to turn it down. Instead, I’ve decided to divide the story into multiple books and publish them myself.

It was an unusual decision, but feels like the right one. It means I’m able to share a deeper and more engaging version of the story with you, and much sooner.

'Every Stranger's Eyes'

‘Sisters for Sale’ is a five-year story. The first book, covering the first four of those years, is titled ‘Every Stranger’s Eyes’, and I’m delighted with the way it has come together.

Even those of you who have been following my work since the very beginning will soon realise just how much of this incredible story has never been shared publicly.

We’ll have a larger book launch in January – for now, I thought it would be great to give you something to read over the holidays!

The book is currently available in ebook format. You can get your copy here on our website, or (if you haven’t already!) you can get a free special preview by subscribing to our monthly updates here!

Here’s some of the amazing feedback I’ve received from early readers:

“Without a doubt one of the most remarkable stories I have ever read.” – Judith Cooper

“The only human trafficking story that has left me with more hope in humanity.” – Brittnay Mayhue

“Wow! I couldn’t stop reading… The story is fast-paced, moving, well-written – as a writer, I tried hard to find flaws but I couldn’t! Everything is perfect.” – Sifis Zervoudakis

Here’s that link again – all sales support our ongoing work against human trafficking!

The ‘Sisters for Sale’ podcast will launch in January!

Next month, to coincide with the larger book launch, we’ll also be launching the ‘Sisters for Sale’ podcast.

The podcast will be a serialised story, essentially following the story told in the book, which I’ll be narrating personally.

… And that’s all I’m going to tell you about it for now – stay tuned!

Dustin Main will be screening the documentary in Thailand this Thursday!

Dustin Main will be hosting a screening of ‘Sisters for Sale’ at 6.30pm this Thursday 19th December at Kit’ncaboodle in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you’re in the area, it’s a fantastic opportunity to check out the film. Entry is free; donations are encouraged to support our ongoing work against human trafficking.

Dustin has been involved with our work since he and I first met in Chiang Mai in December 2013, and has already hosted two screenings of ‘Sisters for Sale’ in his native Canada.

If you’re interested to host your own screening of ‘Sisters for Sale’, you can find more information here, and get in touch with Katie at for further details. 

And our anti-trafficking work is now taking me in new directions…

Over the past seven years, my work against human trafficking has inevitably led me towards one of its principal root causes: the way we treat women.

Last month took me a step further when I was invited to spend several hours responding, as a male, to any and all questions about sex and sexuality from a dozen women (straight and queer, in various phases of life and relationships) participating in a sexuality workshop.

While I’m no expert, I gave the most honest and open responses I could, and the questions opened up some fascinating discussions across a spectrum of topics: creating safe and comfortable spaces, allowing for vulnerability, gender roles, pressures and expectations, etc.

These issues affect all of us in powerful ways, and these conversations are so important. I was a little sad to realise that most of the women present had never had open conversations about these things before, much less with a male. I saw what a difference it could make, and I certainly learned a lot.

I feel like a dozen women went home with entirely new perceptions of themselves and their relationships, and I feel honoured to have been part of that. While it’s not a current focus, I’m hoping to continue with similar work in the future.

I hope you enjoy your holidays – and don’t forget to pick up a copy of our book

– Ben

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