As has been the case for many of you around the world, this year has been a challenging time for ‘The Human, Earth Project’. While we don’t have the funding we need and are struggling to come to terms with current world events, our work continues regardless.

‘Every Stranger’s Eyes’, the first book telling the fascinating true story behind the ‘Sisters for Sale’, is now available globally. We’ve had a wonderful response to it so far, despite the fact that it was never offically launched.

You can pick up your copy – as an ebook or paperback – from all major online booksellers. You’ll find the best links here on our website. You can also request it from your local library.

Every Stranger's Eyes cover

We’re now tidying up the final details for the second book, ‘Suspicious Minds’. It has been a far more complex and challenging book to write, and I’m delighted with the result. ‘Suspicious Minds’ will be released in August.

Suspicious Minds cover

Stay tuned!

– Ben

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