It’s been a strange and challenging year for us here at ‘The Human, Earth Project’, as it has for many people.

To celebrate the end of 2020 we have three special offers for you – on our books, ebooks, and multi-award-winning documentary, ‘Sisters for Sale’.

All orders make a real difference in supporting our ongoing work against the global trafficking crisis!

SFS books


We’ll give you free shipping on all direct book orders in the United States and Australia, saving you $5 on every order. Order here before 31st December for only US$14.95 (US) or AU$21.95 (Australia)!


Only until 31st December, both of our ‘Sisters for Sale’ ebooks – ‘Every Stranger’s Eyes’ and ‘Suspicious Minds’ – are available for the price of one. You’ll receive the books in both PDF and EPUB formats – order here!


Until 31st December, you’ll receive half-price access to the acclaimed ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary using the code BYEBYE2020 – watch it here


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