“Without a doubt one of the most remarkable stories I have ever read.” – Judith Cooper

“This story stole my heart.” – Jillian Swisher

If you’ve been curious about the ‘Sisters for Sale’ books, this might be the best chance you’ll ever have to check out this incredible true story…

Ahead of this month’s launch of our third book, ‘The Man’s Machine’, right now Australian readers can get a *massive 30% off* the first two books, ‘Every Stranger’s Eyes’ and ‘Suspicious Minds’ – that’s both paperbacks for AU$36.95, including postage!

…OR if you order either of our first two ebooks before the end of May, you’ll get the other one free!

As a special bonus, *all orders will receive free access to watch our multi-award-winning ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary online*.

Crazy, I know. Order now at https://www.humanearth.net/sistersforsale/books/

“I was ecstatic to read so many amazing stories of strong women. I was covered in goosebumps or close to tears so many times. I loved it, and genuinely could not put it down.” – Brittnay Mayhue

You can read the first two chapters of ‘Every Stranger’s Eyes’ right now at https://www.book2look.com/book/dfBjaJewof

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