2022 began on an extremely positive note for ‘The Human, Earth Project’, with our ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary and book series gaining a great deal of support, especially here in Australia.

Over the past four months, however, a prominent figure in the Australian arts and writing community has been using their power and influence to undermine the otherwise excellent reputations of ‘The Human, Earth Project’ and myself.

These attacks have had a severe impact on our past, present, and future non-profit work to raise awareness of human trafficking and related women’s rights issues. Scheduled events have been cancelled and our future plans have been put on hold until this matter can be resolved.

As you might imagine, this has been a difficult time for everyone involved. Attempts to resolve the matter directly with the person in question and the organisation they represent have so far come to nothing. Further steps are now being taken.

Your support at this time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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