The ‘Sisters for Sale’ book 

This month I had the honour of launching the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book in conversation with one of my personal heroes, Michael Brosowski.

The founder of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Michael first became involved with ‘The Human, Earth Project’ as an advisory figure more than a decade ago.

Michael and I spent forty minutes discussing how best to help victims of human trafficking, how best to tell vital, complex stories, – and, of course, discussing the incredible true story behind the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book.

The book is now available to order in hardcover, paperback, and digital versions at

Every purchase makes a difference in supporting our ongoing work against human trafficking. The book will make an excellent gift, and orders made before Friday 17th November will be delivered before Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who attended the online launch. If you missed it, you can now watch the video here on Youtube.

As part of the launch, I spoke about our plans beyond the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book. There will be more details to come in the new year.

The ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary

The ‘Sisters for Sale’ book tells the story behind our ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary, which won awards at film festivals around the world and has screened on Discovery Channel in many countries.

Over the coming months, we’ll also be making the ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary available in other languages. The documentary is now available online in English and Spanish. You can watch ‘Sisters for Sale’ here on Vimeo.

While they’re generally private events and I don’t mention them here, we continue to host screenings of the ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary for schools, universities, and for other groups.

These events are hosted by myself and, when possible, Kim Miller of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. They typically involve a 90-minute film screening followed by a 30-minute Q&A session, and have always been very well received.

If you’re interested to organise a screening, please get in touch for details.

Stay tuned, 


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