Last week I introduced you to May, Pang, and Zao – the three teenage girls at the heart of the ‘Sisters for Sale’ graphic novel.

The story is a dramatic game of cat-and-mouse between the three friends and three traffickers who plan to kidnap and sell them.

Today we’ll meet the traffickers.

 Veng's group- graphic novel character designs

These kinds of abductions tend to rely more on deception than physical violence. It’s easier for young men to feign a romantic interest in the girls, and to convince the girls to come with them, than to physically kidnap them from the streets.

May and Pang’s abductions both began this way.

The principal trafficker in the ‘Sisters for Sale’ graphic novel is Veng: a good-looking, well-dressed young man who claims to love May, and gradually breaks down her resistance with his smooth talk.

Veng character design

At some point during the abduction, the girl will realise she’s been tricked – and that’s when the traffickers often fall back on physical force.

May and Pang were both involved in physical altercations with their traffickers.

Veng’s accomplice is a young man named Zhe: a farm boy with little education and plenty of muscle, who’s ready to do whatever is necessary to get the girls across the border.

Zhe character design

Traffickers like Veng and Zhe are typically young men from out of town, who can easily disappear when their crimes are discovered.

Because girls like May and Pang are often suspicious of strange young men, the traffickers rely on local contacts – “insiders” – to introduce them to their targets.

Gom is a girl who has known May and Pang all their lives, and who betrays a lifelong trust for the sake of a few dollars.

Gom character design

While details have been changed, these three characters represent real-life figures who have profited from stealing and selling other people.

Human trafficking is a global crisis of unimaginable dimensions. It is far larger than any contemporary war – yet it gets so little of our attention, and so little of our money to fight it.

The ‘Sisters for Sale’ graphic novel will be a powerful educational tool to raise awareness of the human trafficking crisis, and we need your help to make it a reality.

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