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Our acclaimed, multi-award-winning documentary, ‘Sisters for Sale’, tells an incredible true story of hope, courage, and freedom.​

Young Hmong women on the border between Vietnam and China find themselves caught between a violent custom and a vicious criminal underworld. Investigating the mysterious disappearances of his local friends, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a human trafficking crisis and sparks an incredible series of events…

The ‘Sisters for Sale’ documentary is now being shared online – you can see it right here.

Scroll down for awards, reviews, and the film trailer.

See the ‘Sisters For Sale’ trailer in English, Español, FrançaisDeutschHmoobItalianoTiếng Việt, or 普通话.

Best feature documentary

‘Sisters for Sale’ took first prize in the International Competition for Best Non-Fiction Film at the 7th Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal, which showcased 70 films from around the globe.

Most courageous storytelling

‘Sisters for Sale’ was awarded the Arrogoni Prize for most courageous storytelling at the 10th Human Rights Film Festival of Naples, Italy. ‘Sisters for Sale’ was praised for depicting human trafficking in an intelligent, engaging, and non-judgmental way.

Best documentary - special mention

‘Sisters for Sale’ won Best Feature Documentary – Special Mention at the 17th FreedomFilmFest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an international human rights film festival showcasing 30 films from around the globe.

“Amazing beyond words, truly moving and eye-opening.”

– Enrica Fantini, human rights worker

“Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking! I was utterly blown away by this documentary. Everybody would benefit to see ‘Sisters for Sale’ – seriously.”

– Nora Dunn, travel blogger at ‘The Professional Hobo’

“Incredible – my perspective of the world changed forever. This is exactly why I supported you.”

– I.P., supporter

“So powerful and moving. I’m writing my Master’s thesis on bride trafficking, but all the reports and studies in the world can’t capture the humanity of ‘Sisters for Sale’.”

– Jennifer Wells-Qu, ‘Equality Now’

“Amazing… ‘Sisters for Sale’ is an absolute must-watch.”

– Simone Taylor, supporter

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‘Sisters for Sale’ has been translated into more than a dozen languages, is screening regularly as a two-part special in twelve countries on Discovery Asia, and you can now watch it online here

The documentary is being used to support Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and Alliance Anti-Trafic, as well as our own ongoing work with The Human, Earth Project.

If you’re interested to screen ‘Sisters for Sale’, please contact our team at thehumanearthproject@gmail.com

Learn about ‘Sisters for Sale’ in other media:

‘Sisters for Sale’ was based on a long-standing friendship between its director Ben Randall and the film’s principal subjects, May, Pang, and Vu. With the documentary, Ben has worked to give a voice to a group of young women who don’t otherwise have a platform to share their stories.

Ben has known May, Pang, Vu, and their friends since 2010. He spent nine months living in their hometown of Sapa, Vietnam – before, during, and after filming. Members of the Hmong community were consulted throughout the production and post-production of the documentary.

All victims and survivors involved with ‘Sisters for Sale’ were given a clear understanding of the documentary’s intentions and format, and have given written consent for their names and faces to be revealed publicly. At the director’s discretion, however, some names, faces, and locations have remained concealed for the sake of privacy (and safety, where applicable).

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