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Marriage by abduction ›

A 15-second clip from an interview with two young Hmong women from villages near Sapa, describing the Hmong custom of marriage by abduction (which facilitates human trafficking in the region). Another woman describes an occasion when she herself was targeted for this practice. The footage shows an abduction for marriage, and several attempts by young Hmong men to grab Hmong girls in Sapa. The faces of the perpetrators and their victims have been blurred.

First voice: ‘This girl, she was crying, shouting, no one come help her. All her clothes come out, her lose her shoe.’

Second voice: ‘They come and they run and they catch me and grab my arm, like, ‘Now I’m going to kidnap you, and you’ll be my wife’.’

Stealing girls ›

A 25-second clip with excerpts from two interviews about girls being trafficked from Vietnam into China. The first is a young woman from a village near Sapa, who had five close friends trafficked. The second is an anonymous employee of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation who personally rescues Vietnamese girls from China. The footage shows women and girls of the Flower Hmong minority at the Bac Ha market in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

First voice: ‘I hate people who is coming here and stealing the girl here to sell in China. I wish I can kill all of them! I see a lot of boy, they come here, want to try to steal my friend – even they try to steal me also.’

Second voice: ‘They can be the girl’s close friend, they grew up together in the village, or they can be the very handsome boy pretend to love them.’

How many girls ›

A 25-second interview segment with two Hmong friends from villages near Sapa, as they estimate the number of girls being trafficked from the Sapa region and sold across the border in China each year. These girls had five close friends trafficked for sale in China.

Ben: ‘How many girls in one year, do you think?’

First girl: ‘Actually, each village, in one year maybe more than twenty. So more than 100 girls they go away from here.’

Ben: ‘More than 100 girls every year, just around the town?’

Second girl: ‘Yes. Now every year it’s even more and more. This year even more.’

Ben: ‘Are you scared about this?’

Both girls: ‘Yes.’

Second girl: ‘It’s really, really scary.’

Deception ›

A 15-second interview clip in which a human trafficking survivor from the Sapa region describes the deception used by Hmong men to abduct Hmong girls from Vietnam.

Girl: ‘The boy, they are just telling us, say, ‘Oh, we will love you, and we will want to marry you for sure.’ Just speaking like this and after that, they are just bringing the people to sell in China.’

The ‘Sisters For Sale’ trailer is available as an embeddable, Full-HD video file in English, French, German or Spanish. Please contact for other uses.

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