Our Team

Diligent & Dedicated

Our Team

Diligent & Dedicated

‘The Human, Earth Project’ was founded by Ben Randall, an Australian activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Since 2013, dozens of people from across the world have assisted with the project. Core team members have included John Bardos, Giang Thi Chan, Claire Harris, Jeppe Hildebrandt, Marinho, Barry O’Kane, Nick Randall, Simone, and Ben Warren.

We have received guidance and support from numerous anti-trafficking organisations, most notably Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and Alliance Anti-Trafic.

Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams

Web development, research and promotion

Myste Laquinta

Myste Laquinta

Executive producer (SFS documentary), fundraising and promotion

Selina Xiong

Selina Xiong


Katie Carriero

Katie Carriero

Partnerships, research and promotion

Elizabeth Martel

Elizabeth Martel

Research and coordination

Astrid Hofer

Astrid Hofer

Production manager (SFS podcast), promotion, supervising translator to German (SFS documentary)

Ben Randall

Ben Randall

Founder. Director, producer, writer and editor (SFS documentary)

Former Team Members

  • Claire Bannerman-Mott. Fundraising and promotion (2013-16)
  • John Bardos. Fundraising and promotion team leader (2013-14)
  • Michael Brosowski. Advisor (2013-15)
  • Giang Thi Chan. Interpreter and fixer (2014-15)
  • Giang Thi Chu. Interpreter (2014)
  • Qiuda Guo. Translations and cultural advice (China) (2013-18)
  • Claire Harris. Podcast producer (2017-18)
  • Jeppe Hildebrandt. Script development (2017)
  • Phil Hoolihan. Fundraising and promotion team leader (2016)
  • Catherine Irwin-Gibson. Translations (2013-15)
  • Mireille Maheu. Translations (2013-17)
  • Marinho. Camerawork and translations (2013-14)
  • Wei Yoong Ng. Graphic design (2016)
  • Barry O’Kane. Fundraising and promotion team leader (2013-14)
  • Pang. Interpreter (2014)
  • Nick Randall. Web development (2013-15)
  • Simone. Fundraising and promotion team leader (2016)
  • Ben Warren. Web development (2015-17)

Advice and assistance

Dr. Aamir Bini Akbar, Belinda Bauer, Judith Cooper, Roxanne De Bruyn, Matthew Glen, Antoine Lobry, Sho Ly Thi, Dustin Main, Sammantha Mavin, Michelle McCoombs, Charlie McRae, Sina Miakhail, Anthony Molyneaux, Hagai Peled, Kerstin Raitl, Tracey Smith, Julie Steinbach & Ashleigh Thomson.

Fundraising and promotion

Lola Boatwright, Lydian Brunsting, Susan Callister, Natalie Davis, Bri Edwards, Adam Gardnir, Thomas Gobeaux, Simone Gribble, Ben Guilding, Andre Gussekloo, Suzie Hanlan, Stacey Herbert, Kaan Hills, Michelle Imison, Carola Irvine, Jeremy Janeczko, Leif Jansson, Thristina Kanka, Dustin Main, Sammantha Mavin, Layne Mostyn, Natalie Patch, Matt Patterson, Katie Randall, Susan Randall, Johanna Read, Rita Schaad and the former Lambton/Mayfield Girl Guide Support Group, Margaret Smith, This is Water, Joanne Toms, Pal Ujvarosi, Thais Vidal, Morag Winona, & Jesse Zagorsky.

Additional translations

Noor Syuhada Abdul Ghani, Samata Agrawal, Leila Azul, Taraneh Bahremand, Este-Mari Bloem, Lisa Carlsson, Christine Cheung, Renaud Cheyrou, Jana Gabrhelova, Babita Gurung, Tia Irma, Fada Jones, Mina Modalsli, Ymke Reymakers, & Ani Virtanen.

'Sisters For Sale'

Directed, produced, written and edited by Ben Randall

Cinematography by Marinho and Ben Randall

Executive production by Myste Laquinta

Post sound facility. Alphadogs Inc. (alphadogs.tv)

Supervising sound editing by Curtis Fritsch IV

Sound editing by Yuxin Boon

Assistant sound editing by Juan-Lucas Rafael Flying Eagle Benavidez

Original score by Will M. Randall and Johanna Wilson (Paul Byrnes and Lucy Rash?)

Additional music by Rami Shaafi (ramivana.com) and Kosma Solarius (kosmasolarius.com)

Animations by Ben Randall featuring original artwork by Marta Farina (martafarina.net)

Colour correction by Laco Gaal (carousel.hu) and Jeppe Hildebrandt

Narration recorded by Danilo Crnogorac, Roman Plačintár, & Ivana Topinkova Shaafi

Narration (original trailer) by Betheny Zolt

Interpretation by Giang Thi Chan, Giang Thi Chu, and Pang

Translations by Anonymous, Giang Thi Vu, Hang Thi Dinh, Qiuda Guo, Catherine Irwin-Gibson, Lo Thi Mai, Suong Mai, Jackie Ong, Vu Thi Bao Ngan, and Nicole Zhao

Translation to Chinese supervised by Yuqing Zhang

Translation to Chinese by Qixiu Cai, Qianru Cao, Qiren Chen, Yali Chen, Yiting Chen, Yuhao Feng, Tian Huang, Tianyang Jiang, Chang Lu, Yuwei Lu, Chen Lyu, Yi Shan, Yujie Shi, Junao Wang, Meng Zhang & Yuqing Zhang

Translation to French supervised by Elisabeth De Sa Barbaro

Translation to French by Jaen Nieto Amat, Leila Azul, Alexandre Boulianne, Anna Bromwich, Elisabeth De Sa Barbaro, Mireille Maheu & Emmanuelle Vallières-Léveillé

Translation to German supervised by Astrid Hofer

Translation to German by Fabian Altenhoefer, Justine Czora, Alena Figge, Astrid Hofer, Sarah Huwald, Johanna Leiner, Lisanne Pervical, Christina Raue, Sophia Rötschke & Katrin Schmidt

Translation to Spanish supervised by Laura Rodríguez Jarillo

Translation to Spanish by Natalia Correa Glargaard, Javier Gómez, Sela Jiménez, Estrella López, Paola Mountbatten, Paula Olmo, Maria Julia Ravera, Carol Machete Rodríguez, Laura Rodríguez Jarillo, Andrea Vela Gonzalez, Ivan Villegas & Eli Zubiria

Translation to Vietnamese by Đinh Thảo Linh, Đoàn Quỳnh Hương, Hoàng Thị Hương Giang, Huỳnh Ngọc Hoàng Yến, Lê Bích Vân, Lê Hồng Hoàng Anh, Phạm Hà My, Phạm Thu Hải Bình, Trần Lê Đà Giang, Trần Phương Ngọc, Trần Thị Phương Thảo, Trần Thị Thu Hà, & Trịnh Hoàng Đông Nghi

Additional footage courtesy of Anonymous, & Shi Qiao Ying Lou

Photography courtesy of Elise Fabius, Nguyet Hat Tieu, Yonatan Lifshitz, May, Laura Snape, Unknown, & Zao

Story consultation by Markus Arnold, Werner Bezuidenhout, Philipp Haas, Kristin Harder, Claire Harris, Jeppe Hildebrandt, Lynne Juarez, Berit Madsen, Dustin Main, Shirley Main, Jordina Pallarols, Kerstin Raitl, Lynn Rhodes,  Andrew Sheldon, Sally Simmel, Julie Steinbach, Nancy Traer, & Charlene Tschirhart

All we’ve achieved would have been impossible without our supporters

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